Financial Control

To support their strategic process, Companies have to rely on a strong financial information system and ad-hoc analysis.

Companies need to have a deepened understanding of their cost structure (Capex vs Opex, Fixed vs Variable Cost) so as to determine the financial levers they can use.

As such, a company with fully fixed cost cannot adopt the same strategy as a company with fully variable cost.

Companies must also be able to breakdown their revenue in terms of price and volume.

An analysis of their activity by process and associate costs is of the upmost importance.

Through top-down and bottom-up approaches, Econe Square brings Companies an inner perspective of their financial levers.

Econe Square helps also Financial Directions with tool to better control the profitability of Companies.

Companies' Issues

  • Valuation of company & business units performance.
  • Identification of operating & profitability drivers.
  • Setting-up of performance control tool kits.

Econe Square Answers

  • Economic & financial diagnosis.
  • Breaking-down of value chain & value creation measurements.
  • Setting-up of operating scoreboards.
  • Elaboration of key performance indicators.
  • Economic & financial modelling.
  • Profitability & risks analyses.