As a Consulting Firm, Econe Square helps Companies in elaborating their Strategy through various approaches based on Quantitative methods.

Econe Square's recommandations start with an deepened evaluation of the market dynamics in which Companies evolve and position themselves in terms of offer and value proposal

This evaluation covers market estimates and competition analysis as well as respective positioning of products and services.

Pricing of products and services relatives to their market position is also a key issue in our analyses so as to optimize value according to market state.

Cost structure and dynamics are also a major concern in our approach of Strategy since they determine the flexibility and scalibility of the Strategy.

Econe Square accompany its recommandations with strategic toolkits to implement and deploy Strategies that have been determined previously jointly.

Companies' Issues

  • Working-out of corporate or competitive strategy.
  • Strategic Segmentation and Business-Units Strategy.
  • Competitive analysis and determining of potential competitive advantages.
  • Strategy Deployment.
  • Balanced Activities Portfolio Management.
  • Setting-up of a strategy-oriented organization.
  • Valuation issues.

Econe Square Answers

  • Strategic Diagnosis and Planning.
  • Scoreboards.
  • Business plans, business models & business cases.
  • Elaboration of alternate or disruptive scenarii.
  • Business Development.
  • Opportunities analyses.
  • Business Process audit & redesign.