Market Studies

To set-up a appropriate Strategy, one of Companies major stake is to evaluate market potential.

If this estimation can be easily done with well established industries with few new entrants, it can become more complex with emerging market, competitive enviromnent or disruptive strategies

Econe Square has developed specific methods to evaluate emerging or converging markets both in volume and value.

Estimates of Companies potential volumes and values will also depend on its position (incumbent or new entrant) and the competition strategy.

The regulatory frame and its constraint can also play a major role in determining the market potential.

Price positioning and elasticity has also to be taken into account and is not always done in the appropriate way.

Econe Square helps Companies in evaluating the market position Companies can ambition according to these factors.

Through specific business models and scenarii analysis, Econe Square can cast a light on the best strategy to develop to reach one's market objective.

Companies' Issues

  • Analysis of regulatory frame.
  • Evaluation of potential market.
  • Customers’ Segmentation.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Price Positioning.
  • Estimation of Products and Services Demand.
  • Technological Trends.
  • Evaluation of Convergent Markets.

Econe Square Answers

  • Industries analysis.
  • Market Valuation (volumes, value).
  • Marketing Evaluation.
  • Positionning & elasticity studies.
  • Economic modelling and Forecast.
  • Regulatory & technological watch.
  • Ad-hoc studies.