In many Companies, Costing is often performed by the finance department in terms of budgeting, reporting and cost control.

Nevertheless, Costing can provide valuable information to top management and executives.

Through Top-down approach, Costing can help management to identify profitable or non profitable activities or products.

Through Bottom-up approach, Costing can contribute to the business planning process or pricing analysis.

If linked to the main process of production, Costing can help identifying operational levers.

Econe Square provides companies with the appropriate cost tools to ameliorate their Costing function.

Companies' Issues

  • Product or Service Cost Calculation.
  • Added Value Breaking-down.
  • Identification of profit and loss sources.
  • Determination of appropriate cost calculation for good decision taking.
  • Dynamic Cost calculation.
  • Establishing of a cost mastering and reduction policy.

Econe Square Answers

  • Cost modelling (Top-down & Bottom-up approach).
  • Setting-up of an unitary cost database.
  • Cost modelling audit.
  • Cost optimization missions.
  • Identification of cost-cutting levers.
  • Cost Benchmarks.
  • Overhead cost-Cutting.