Deregulating or deregulated industries, such as telecommunications, energy, mail or transportation, often present the same market features:

  • an evolving regulatory frame
  • a constant pressure on prices
  • high acquisition or retention costs
  • high interconnection costs
  • important investment stakes

The table below summarizes some of the main characteristics of these industries and the key success factors to take your pin out of the game.


In such industries, Strategy may vary according to each player's position (whether incumbent or emerging).

Indeed, Price positioning and Cost Structure differ for each player and determine the dynamics of competition.

The following diagram illustrates the difference of cost structure among telecom players according to their positioning and the markets they adress.


Thanks to a deep understanding of the deregulation dynamics, pricing and costing, Econe Square brings a true expertise in all strategical issues of these industries.

This experience can be easily adapted to non-deregulated industry with similar stakes.